Cash Flow and Forecasting

Be proactive, not reactive

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • Why is my cash balance so low?
  • When will that big account come in? Payroll is due next week!
  • How will I be able to pay for that new asset? I need it to stay competitive in my industry.

These are examples of questions that run through a business owner’s head. At RG, we can help you relax and plan for the future using state-of-the art cash flow software.

Business owners tend to focus much of their efforts on budgeting and forecasts; the real area of concern should be cash flow and your balance sheet. Without having a good grasp on these two factors, the best budget in the world is useless.

Wouldn’t you like to know when the peaks and valleys for your cash balance will be during the year? Wouldn’t it be nice to know when you have to draw on the line of credit instead of being caught off guard with a call from your controller?

The answer is simple: cash management needs to be monitored frequently. RG can help you take the guess work out of the process.

Remember, cash flow is the lifeline of any business. Those that forget this simple lesson tend to go out of existence.

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