Margaret (Peggy) M. Hunn

CPA, CFE, CFF, CITP, Partner


Margaret (Peggy) Hunn, Partner, is a consultant in Forensic, Valuation, and Litigation Services. She works primarily with medium to large businesses and specializes in accounting control procedures. Peggy has extensive experience with a variety of services geared toward both streamlining costs and expanding the profitability of businesses, software technology consultation, and cost recovery studies.

Specific Experience

* More than 15 years working with bankrupt/distressed businesses
* Serves as a disbursing trustee in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case with $2.5 million of assets
* Conducted several multimillion dollar forensic projects
* Provides consulting services to emerging businesses
* Assists with tax matters/issues at both the State and Federal levels
* Facilitated more than 50 bankruptcy cases in various industries as debtors’ accountant
* Performs preference and new value analysis
* Provides fraud and forensics services
* Worked with a municipal government’s procurement department in the area of DBE/MBE/WBE certifications and compliance, as part of the appeals process
* Works with emerging businesses and their management teams to develop and implement action plans for minimizing costs and maximizing resources

Industry Involvement

* American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
* Associations of Certified Fraud Examiners
* Illinois CPA Society Women’s Executive Committee
* Speaks on consulting and general tax matters for numerous organizations


* Northeastern University – Chicago
* Bachelor of Science in Accounting

* Peggy has been spotted on several occasions donning a diamond studded eye patch seeking pirate treasure.