Business Accounting

What do the numbers mean?

A business is like a person – no two are alike. Yet, most financial service companies try to pigeonhole your business into using “boilerplate” statements. To us, you are not just some number we need to plug into our computer.  You are a client with unique and challenging needs.

Financial Statements

There are different levels of financial statement services a CPA firm can offer.  At Rozovics Group, LLP, we provide Review and Compilation services.  To determine the right level of service, our firm will work closely with you to assess your needs in regards to your financial situation.  Your company will benefit when you discover and use the right tools for the job without wasting resources.


Forecasting the future can provide your business with the proper information to make solid business decisions.  With our help, we can make those decisions easier and more informative for you.

Outsource Bookkeeping and Controller Services

From simple bookkeeping to controller services, our team will have your financial transactions and corresponding paperwork in order and it will be accessible on real time. Imagine the time you’ll save.

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