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Focus on Success


Small to mid-sized business owners face many challenges. Two of those biggest challenges begin with the lack of separation of ownership from management and a failure to plan for the future. Owners are wrapped up in the day-to-day operations of the business and are often too close to the problems they are meant to be managing. How often do you find yourself in this situation? RG can give you the resources you need to design, build and implement new operating practices and procedures.

Our professional staff is dedicated to increasing your business value. We have the tools and systems that enable our firm to help guide our clients to achieve not only their business goals, but their personal goals as well.

Make that commitment to create a roadmap that will lead your business in the right direction. Rozovics Group, LLP offers a wide variety of Advisory Services. Let our firm take you to the next level. Begin by asking yourself . . .

What is the future of my business? – Strategic Business and Operations Planning

Will I have enough money to meet payroll next week? – Cash Flow and Forecasting

What transition options make sense for my business? – Exit / Succession Planning

Do my internal controls reveal an adequate segregation of duties? – Fraud

Is my business eligible for greater tax savings? – Cost Segregation

What is my business worth? – Business Valuations

What is the advantage of becoming a Certified Minority Owned Business?


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